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What is does?

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Programmable Web Links

It's simple - scripts that run on our servers and responds to a HTTP web request. Now, it's making them easy to call from your web, mobile, desktop and isomorphic apps. Our built-in request logging makes them equally easy to debug on-the-fly. A script can also be activated on a schedule, providing a simple way to build monitoring or other automation. You have full programmability of JavaScript (ES5/ES6) and many of the NPM packages you love.

Talk WEBful

Simple, modular and composable is the power of web links. Get third-party web service notifications by creating WebHook targets, build RESTful/JSON-APIs, execute your business logic, fetch and store data to databases and web-services or generate HTML with server-side-renderings/isomorphic app. A web link is the most essential HTTP service for your application.

Instantly Ready to Run

Faster release cylces without recurring configuration, provisioning and deployment. Linklet provides you with full automatic N-redundant instance creation, load-balancing, custom domains and SSL for all of your HTTP endpoints. Linklet is a fast scalable Backend-as-a-Service built especially to develop, running, host and maintaining web based backend applications.

Comfortable and Productive

Linklet is designed to have more time and clear focus to application development. Linklet using the latest fast, safe and secure Docker and AWS cloud infrastructure to get rid of complex self-made continuous delivery infrastructure. It's perfect for individual developers and for teams to develop, run, scale and maintain web, mobile and desktop applications.